Wave Frames, teamVOID, PAL Showcase 2019, Incheon, Korea, 2019
'Wave Frames' is a lumino-kinetic work which visualizes how a system changes as time passes. In general, a system transforms itself by adapting to the environment. and the relation of its components goes through the repeated cycle of cosmos and chaos. This work presents order and disorder sequentially through the aligned frames and the combination of geometric forms which move inside them. Each frame is defined as a unit module and me installation as a whole represents a single system in which time and space are accumulated. is composed of 26 frames superimposed together. Every frame has the same mechanism of transforming the quadrangle form inside it with its four motors. Each frame is a unit module, and movements of the quadrangle form are determined by the relationship between the frames. Al-though the motions created by each Linn are simple. the patterns generated by the entire system. as the individual units form a stack in a single space, are complex and organic.